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Xu Zhongwei Secretary of CPC Committee and Chairman

Sixty years ago, the first generation of 3F staff relied on their own efforts and worked hard, created national fluorine chemical industry, and pioneered China’s organic fluorine. For sixty years, generations of 3F staff have inherited the enterprise philosophy “Human-oriented Technology, Sustainable Innovation”, make every effort to make the Company prosperous,

Wu Junyi General Manager

After sixty years of baptism, Shanghai 3F has become a fluorine chemical enterprise with a long history, large scale and a certain influence in China. In Shanghai, we are the birthplace of China’s fluorine chemical industry, and a number of domestic “first” titles were born here; in Changshu, we take the first step of “go-out” development, build Changshu Base and expand the ......

Application Industries
Applied to Automobile Industry

Modified PTFE can be applied to engine oil seals, so as to withstand the high-temperature, high-shear and other harsh environments when the automobile engines work at high speed.

FKM can serve as the hose lining of turbochargers, so as to withstand the working condition of higher than 170℃ of continuous working temperature. In addition, the hydraulic systems of large loading and unloading trucks work continuously for a long time, the temperature and pressure of the hydraulic systems are quite high, ordinary rubber products cannot meet the use requirements, but FKM can do it.

Applied to Architecture Industry

Large buildings are exposed in the open air in the entire year and need to withstand sun and rain for a long time, so there are harsh requirements on the coating of their exterior wall. Due to their high corrosion resistance and good self-cleaning performance, fluorine-containing coatings are widely applied in the exterior wall coating area. Furthermore, due to their extremely good weather resistance, self-cleaning capability and combustion supporting performance, PTFE membrane materials have be applied to the roof systems of many large buildings and many public facilities.

Applied to Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry requires the materials have excellent high- and low-temperature, aging and corrosion resistance, and can adapt to the space environment. The expanded PTFE not only can meet the requirements of the aerospace industry on the strength of the materials, but also can effectively reduce the weight, and reduce the overall structural weight of aircrafts. FKM with high fluorine content can withstand 250℃ of high temperature at most, and meet the requirement of the aerospace industry.

Applied to Other Industries

Due to their excellent properties, fluorine-containing products are also applied to other industries. Wherein, the high-purity FEP materials are used for preparing high-transmittance cables; due to its “piezoelectric” characteristic, PVDF is prepared into various thin-film sensors; chloro-fluoro alkane, hexafluoropropylene, etc. are widely applied as refrigerants.